Space Saver Can Opener

Space Saver Can Opener

A space saver under counter can opener will fit in one part of your kitchen so that your counter top is not cluttered and there is space available for food preparation including other kitchen activities and accessories.

There are those can openers which are mounted under a cabinet or on the wall in order to keep out of the way.

There are others that have special power cord storage system to save on storage space on the counter top or space on the kitchen carts.

In addition to can opening, these gadgets also come with extra useful additions such as bag cutters, bottle/jar openers, and knife sharpeners.


Tips On How To Choose The Best Can Opener

  • If you prefer to have one that does not engage your hands much so that  your hands are free to continue performing other tasks, while the opener does the opening,then choose a hands free semi automatic opener.
  • In case you  have a small counter space  and you would like to free your counter for other activities,choosing an under counter opener is the best option.If you have plenty of drawer space,you can also choose compact hand held openers that can fit in those drawers.
  • Choose multi function openers if you also engage in  other tasks such a knife sharpening, jar and bottle opening,bag cutting among others.You will be able to find one with these multiple functions.
  • Select an opener that opens both tall and small cans to ensure it remains useful and serves the intended task at all times.
  • In case you want to save your wrists from using manual type,then you have the option of choosing the electric type.
  • What about having a non electric opener for use in case of power outages or when camping.


Electric Space Saving Can Openers

Electric space saving openers are easy to operate as they only require you to push the button in order for them to work. They are also faster to operate and some of them are also portable.They vary in brands, prices, and design.

 Under The Cabinet Proctor Silex Opener

Under Cabinet Proctor Silex Can Opener

This under cabinet opener offers hands-free, automatic operation, is easy to mount and saves you counter space. The opener includes bottle opener and a bag slitter and accommodates any size can.

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The opener cutting lever is removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

This opener comes with automatic shut-off features and cord storage for added convenience.





Other Electric Space Saving Openers

Black & Decker White Space Saving Multi-Purpose Can Opener
Black & Decker White Space Saving Multi-Purpose Opener

West Bend Electric Can Openers
West Bend Electric Opener

Extra-Tall Proctor Silex White Can Opener
Extra-Tall Proctor Silex White Opener














Under Cabinet Can Opener

An under cabinet opener is permanently mounted under the cabinet so as to keep the counter top clear of clutter. It will save your space ensuring your counter top is free for food preparation. Most of them have additional functions in addition to can opening. They are not limited in the size of can that they can open.


 Black & Decker White  Space Saving Opener

Black & Decker CO85 Spacemaker Can Opener, WhiteThis hands-free under cabinet power pierce cutter can opener will free up your valuable counter space.

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In addition to opening bottles it is also a knife sharpener. It opens all tall and big cans.





Black & Decker  White Under-the-Cabinet Opener

Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMaker Under-the-Cabinet Can Opener- White

This under the cabinet can and bottle opener is also a bag cutter, knife sharpener as well as a powerful pierce cutter.

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This can opener is mountable, under the cabinet space saving design with a swing open door automatic shut off and cord management system.






Best Hand Held  Can Openers

Hand held openers are also great space savers since they are compact in size and can easily fit in a shelf or a drawer. You can also hang them on a hook in order to have your counter free for other handy appliances.

OXO Steel Can OpenerOXO Steel Opener

Zyliss 20362 Lock-n-Lift Manual Can Opener
Zyliss 20362 Lock-n-Lift Manual Opener

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener
OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Opener













Space Saving Cordless Semi Automatic Openers

These  cordless openers are well designed for compact storage on the counter or the drawers.These are operated hands free  as they do open the cans on their own after being fixed and automatically  shuts off after finishing.Some are battery operated.

Hamilton Beach 76500 Walk 'N Cut Cordless Can Opener
Hamilton Beach 76500 Walk ‘N Cut Cordless Opener

One Touch Can Opener
One Touch Opener

Hb Compact Can Opener Black
Hb Compact Opener Black













Folding Manual Can Openers
If you require to carry an opener during camping or when on picnic,then these crank or gear driven that also fold and are portable will definitely suit the purpose.

Browne Foodservice 407 Swing a Way Portable Manual Can Opener 7-Inch
Browne Foodservice 407 Swing a Way Portable Manual Opener 7-Inch

Swing Away Wall Can Opener
Swing Away Wall Opener

Amco Swingaway Ergonomic Crank Can Opener with Folding Handle
Amco Swingaway Ergonomic Crank Opener with Folding Handle














Space Saver Jar Opener

A space saver jar opener is one of the kitchen’s most useful tools when it comes to opening food jars. Most of them are mounted under the cabinet within easy reach and you do not require the use of your other hand for assistance.

EZ Off Jar Opener

EZ Off Jar Opener

This jar opener is easy to use and install under a cabinet. It opens kitchen jars, lids and nail polish effortlessly. It is the ideal choice for your kitchen and office.

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It’s the perfect aid for those with fibromyalgia, arthritis and carpal tunnel. It has a double saw-tooth groove on its sides, which easily opens bottles and jars of many sizes.





The Pampered Chef Jar Opener
The Pampered Chef Jar Opener

This jar opener is what you need to get a grip on stubborn jar covers and milk jug caps. It has a wide opening that accommodates lids up to three and a half inches. It is easy to use.
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It can be mounted under the cabinet to save space and can also be hand held when opening jars.





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