Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack

Sakura Two-tiers Compact Dish Rack

A stainless steel dish drying rack is a practical and convenient accessory to have in the kitchen especially in cases where you need to hand wash dishes every day.

The stainless steel construction is known to resist rusting even when used under damp environment. Using these rust- free drying racks  and protect your dishes as well as glassware from transferred discoloration or rust.

Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen appliances to stainless steel type, these drainer racks will always be handy to have around the kitchen sink and counter-top area.




Folding Dish Drainer Racks

These racks are light weight and have been designed to fold flat in order to save on storage space. When folded, the rack easily fits under a sink and in a cabinet. Most of the racks have removable silverware baskets for easy storage.

If your kitchen has limited counter-top, then these racks are one of the best options. These racks are also come in handy during camping trips.

Endurance® Stainless Steel Compact Folding Dish Rack
Endurance®  Compact Folding Rack

OXO Good Grips Folding Stainless-Steel Dish Rack
OXO Good Grips Folding  Rack

RSVP Folding Dish Rack Stainless Steel New
RSVP Folding Rack 













Large Dish Drainer Rack

Large dish drainer racks come with large-drying capacity for dishes including plates, bowls, cooking tools, cookware and more. These racks feature rust-free construction and contemporary designs that will look attractive on any kitchen counter. Most of these come with safe baskets or holders for drying cutlery.

American Standard Culinaire Large Steel Dish Rack in Stainless Steel
American Standard Culinaire Large Steel  Rack

Sakura Compact Stainless Steel Dish Rack
Sakura Compact Drainer Rack

interDesign 68980 Forma Series Stainless Steel Lupe Drainer
interDesign 68980 Forma Series Lupe Drainer














Polder Advantage Large Rack

Polder Advantage Large Dish Rack

This full size rack with a unique design is made from brushed rust resistant steel. The rack comes with a  plastic drying tray that is removable and with a drain tray which slides out  that can also be used for drying glass items.

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The rack has a cutlery holder with split compartments. This drying rack can hold up to ten plates and has six glass posts. Both the cutlery holder and the drain tray are dishwasher safe.




Small Utensil Drying Holders

These small utensil drying holders are great for use in kitchens with limited kitchen counter space. These are designed to efficiently hold flatware, cups and plates. Most of these racks are designed with a space saving design such such as other kitchen accessories  in order to maximize available counter-top space. These are ideal for use in offices, dorms and also small apartments. If you are looking for a stainless steel rack that will occupy minimal space on your counter, then here are some options.

simplehuman Compact Dishrack, Stainless Steel
Simplehuman Compact Rack

Amco Mini Dish Rack Set, Stainless Steel
Amco Mini Rack Set, 

simplehuman Slim Dishrack, Stainless Steel
Simplehuman Slim rack













Rack with Utensil Holder

Polder Compact Stainless-Steel Dish Rack with Utensil Holder

This is a compact dish compact rack for energy-efficient dish drying in small apartments and dorm rooms. It holds up to fourteen plates, saucers and comes with a two slot removable cutlery mesh basket.

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It also has a drip tray with side rims for collecting the water run-off instead of dripping onto the floor or pooling on countertops.




In Sink Dish Drainer Holder
These space-saving in sink dish drainer holders allow anyone to drip dry their dishes over the sink, saving the counter area for other activities. Once dishes are dry, the rack can be stored away easily.

These sink racks are ideal for apartment houses with kitchens that have minimal or no counter-top area.Some of them come with extendable arms and grips for positioning and stability over the sink.

Polder Stainless-Steel Sink Dish Rack
Polder Sink Rack

Better Houseware Adjustable Stainless Steel Over the Sink Dish Drainer Rack
Better Houseware Adjustable Over the Sink Dish Drainer Rack

3 Piece Compact Dish Rack System, Stainless Steel
3 Piece Compact Rack System














International In-Sink Dish Holder Rack

 International In-Sink Dish Rack

This in sink dish holder rack is sized for use in the sink. It comes with clear acrylic feet for protecting the sink at the bottom.

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The rack has a removable 3 section cutlery basket .The rack can comfortably hold pots and pans.




Tiered Drainer Drying Rack

Tiered drying racks for dishes provide ample space for drying and draining dishes. These racks come with large capacity for drying plates; have spaces for cups, bowls, tumblers and even holders for silverware.

Most of these racks have a tray to catch water and can be kept at any spot on the counter.

Home Basics 2-Tier Dish Rack
Home Basics 2-Tier  Rack

Zojila Patagonia 3-tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack
Zojila Patagonia 3-tier Rack

2 Tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack Case Pack 6
2 Tier Dish Rack Case Pack 6













Drainer Rack ,Drain board And Utensil Holder

Dish Rack Drainer Utensil holder and Drain boardThis is a three piece design that includes a cutlery holder, a drain board and a dish rack.The drain board is designed to drain water into the sink and comes raised on legs.

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The rack will store a number of dishes including pans and pots.





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