June 14, 2024

Bring Lavishness to Your Dream Home with Luxurious Raindrop Chandelier

If you are looking for a crystal chandelier or any other light fixture, then you need to understand a few important facts about the wide variety of light fixtures and chandeliers available in the market today. Adequate information about crystal chandeliers will help you buy the best one to suit your style, budget, and room. Besides that, you could also impress your friends and family with the newly acquired knowledge. 

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The Basics of Chandelier Crystals

As chandeliers are crystal light fixtures, you have to understand some basic knowledge related to them. According to American standards, clear glass with any amount of lead oxide is nothing but a crystal. A crystal having high lead oxide percentage is much better than low amounts. There are three types of lead oxide content. They are

  • Crystalline – 6-10% lead oxide glass
  • Half lead – 24 to 30% lead oxide
  • Full lead – above 30% lead oxide 

Raindrop chandeliers are beautiful, vibrant, and come with modern LED crystal lights. It gives a refined look and enhances the beauty of your home. Here are some ideas that help you in getting the right chandelier for your home.

1. Consider The Height

  • Never forget to buy a good chain to hang your chandelier.
  • Think about the ceiling and height of any room where you want to install and get a perfect chain for installing.

2. Focus On Design

  • Do not rush. Carefully check the crystals, lights, and quality.
  • Try to get the right chandelier that fulfills your desire whether it is beautiful or mighty.
  • Think practically.
  • Focus on appearance and beauty along with the quality of the raindrop crystal chandelier.

3. Give credence to the older styles

  • As far as raindrop chandelier is considered, you could ignore the others, as this design is here to stay.
  • If you go by the yearly trends, then be assured that they will be outdated within one or two years.
  • Instead choose the traditional ones that light up your room for years to come.
  • If you are particular about “in” style, then follow guidelines or expert help.

4. Try To Balance It In

  • Make sure that your chandelier style and color match the room.
  • Know about all the best possible ways to buy a long-lasting chandelier for your home.
  • Most stores don’t display all the styles or they might be stocked out, so read their catalog and browse for more designs. 

5. Maintenance

  • After you get the right one, take a cloth and wipe all the areas to check whether dusting is easy for you or not.
  • Choose the chandelier that you can clean or dust from standing in one place.
  • Choose the raindrop chandelier having easily changeable bulbs.