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How To Maintain And Care For Your Teak Outdoor Table In Australia

Teak outdoor tables are a popular choice for homeowners in Australia. Teak is a durable and attractive hardwood that can withstand harsh outdoor elements, making it an ideal material for outdoor furniture. However, like any outdoor furniture, outdoor teak tables require regular maintenance and care to keep them looking their best. This article will discuss the steps needed to maintain and care for your outdoor table in Australia.

Step 1: Cleaning

The first step in maintaining your outdoor teak table is cleaning it regularly. You should clean your table at least once a year but more frequently if exposed to much dirt, dust, or debris. You will need a soft-bristled brush, a bucket of warm water, and mild soap or teak cleaner to clean your table.

Start using the soft-bristled brush to remove loose dirt or debris from the table’s surface. Then, mix the soap or teak cleaner with warm water in the bucket. Scrub the table with the brush, working your way toward the grain. Make careful to get into all of the table’s nooks and crannies.

Once you have finished scrubbing, rinse the table with clean water using a hose or a bucket of clean water. Ensure to rinse off all the soap or cleaner to avoid leaving any residue on the table.

Step 2: Sanding

Over time, your outdoor teak table may become rough or develop small cracks. To keep your table smooth and crack-free, you must sand it periodically. Sanding will also help remove stains or discoloration from the table’s surface.

Start by using medium-grit sandpaper to sand the table. Sand in the direction of the grain, working to remove any rough spots or stains. Then, please switch to fine-grit sandpaper and sand the table again to make it smooth. Remember to wipe away any dust or debris from the table’s surface after sanding.

Step 3: Applying Teak Oil

Teak outdoor tables require regular oiling to maintain their natural color and prevent them from drying out or cracking. You should oil your table at least once a year, but more frequently if exposed to a lot of sunlight or rain. Allow the oil to soak in for around 15 minutes before wiping away any excess with a clean towel.

Step 4: Protecting From The Elements

It is critical to protect your outdoor teak table from the weather in order to keep it looking its best. If you live in a hot or humid region, you may need to take additional precautions to protect your table.

Covering your table while not in use is one method to safeguard it. To keep your table dry and shielded from the sun, use a waterproof cover or tarp. If your table does not have a cover, you can transfer it to a covered location or store it indoors when not in use.

Applying a layer of sealer or varnish to your table is another technique to protect it. A sealer or varnish will shield your table from dampness and UV radiation. Apply the sealer or varnish as directed by the manufacturer and allow it to cure fully before using your table.


Teak outdoor tables are a great investment for any homeowner in Australia. They are durable, attractive, and can withstand harsh outdoor elements. However, to keep your table looking its best, you must maintain and care for it properly. By following these steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your outdoor teak table stays in top condition for many years.

Remember to clean your table regularly, sand it when necessary, apply teak oil at least once a year, and protect it from the elements. With proper care, your outdoor teak table will be a beautiful and functional addition to your backyard or patio for many years.