May 29, 2024

10 Signs Your House Could Have A Major Plumbing Issue

Are you aware of the signs that a plumbing problem is imminent? Chatswood plumbing experts want you to understand the top 10 signs of major plumbing problems so you can identify when you need to call a professional.

1. Your House Stinks

Chatswood’s plumbing problems may be serious if you notice a foul odor in your home or office when you wake up each morning. These are signs you have sewer gas seeping into the home. This can lead to serious health issues if it is not stopped soon. A gas leak is also indicated by the smelly eggs. You’ll need to call the plumbers to determine the source.

2. Your Water Is Discolored

If your pipes start to leak or burst, and you notice yellow, green, or brown water when you turn the faucets on in your home, this could indicate that they are seriously corroded. Rust in your water pipes may cause yellow-colored or brown water. Excessive corrosion in copper pipes can cause water to turn green.

3. You Have Many Drains That Are Very Slow

One slow drain usually is not a problem. A hair clog can occur if there are multiple slow drains.

4. Pipes From Plumbing Are Showing Rings Of Wear

While most homeowners don’t inspect their basements regularly for water leakage, it is a common mistake. Copper water pipes corroded with yellow or green discoloration at joints and seams can slowly leak. Cast iron or galvanized steel pipes with red spots may be rusting and are about to burst.

5. Low Water Preservation

Low water pressure on a home-wide basis can indicate a problem within the municipal water supply. Or it could be an indication that your water main is leaking. Our plumber Chatswood is available to diagnose and repair any low water pressure issues in your home.

6. See Discoloration &/Or Deteriorating Water Paint

Most water leaks won’t result in sudden water gushing. They’re usually slow leaks, which allow water to drip continually onto other surfaces. Dark rings, yellow, dark, or brown spots around your ceilings or walls are signs of a water problem. A hidden water leak can also be seen behind wallpaper or paint that is peeling off or bubbling.

7. An Unexplained Puddle Is Located In The Yard

If your yard has been dry, but you do not notice any puddles, soft spots, or sunken areas, your sewer pipe may have collapsed. In such cases, you will need to have your drain pipe replaced by one of the Chatswood professional plumbers.

8. Your Water Meter Runs For No Apparent Purpose

Your water meter needles or digital outputs should not be changing or moving if water isn’t flowing within your home. If you are alone at home with all your water fixtures and water-using devices off, your water meter should not be moving.

9. Your Carpet Or Floor Is Wet Or Sagging

If you notice water spots on your floor, or the floors are sagging and have not had any spillage or water taken from your floors recently, then it is likely that you have a slab leak. Homes with concrete slab foundations will have their water pipes and drain lines running underneath and through the slab. If one of these pipes leaks, concrete will wick up water and deposit it below your home. This can lead to mold, mildew, or extensive flooding damage. If the leak persists, it can damage your home’s foundation.

10. Water Bills Are Inexplicably Increased

If your month-to-month water bills have been rising rapidly, but you have not increased your water use, then there might be a leak in your system. You should call Chatswood’s plumbers right away to find out if any leaks might be causing the increase in your water bills.