May 29, 2024

Few Types and Stain Sources on Concrete Surfaces and Their Removal

If you want to remove stains from the concrete surface, then it should not be too difficult task, if you know the type and sources of the stain. However, often you may have to repeat the process if the removal of the stain is not as per your expectation.

Removal of certain deep stains may need a more effort and a little patience too. TERMINATOR-HSD concrete stain remover can be tried as it is one of the best stain removers that are available on the market.

You can find stains on your concrete porches, sidewalks, or the interior areas due to several sources. Some of the sources can be:

  • Biological stains like mold, algae, fungus, lichens, or moss
  • Stains caused by leaks or spills of petroleum products
  • Concrete stains brought on by the seepage of chemicals from other sources, such as impurities outside a foundation wall or insulating or expansion joint materials at the edge
  • Stains due to rusting and exfoliation of any iron inclusions

Most of the stains can be removed by using a certain mechanical method or by using certain chemicals or both. However, proper precautions must be taken before going ahead with the cleaning of the concrete floors.

Any chemical or removal agent must be selected after identifying the actual source of stains. Improper selection of cleaner can also cause a certain stain that may become permanent too.

One should avoid using any strong chemicals or acids on the concrete floor that may also cause certain other types of damage on the concrete surfaces too.

For human handling, TERMINATOR-HSD Concrete Cleaner is fully safe. Simply softly sprinkle the powder over an oil-stained area and use a fine-bristle broom to sweep it into the pores.

One cup of the concrete cleaning product TERMINATOR-HSD will treat 25 to 50 stains on concrete, proving that a little goes a long way. Once applied, you can just stand back and let TERMINATOR-HSD work with nature to take care of the rest.

The bacteria start to work to consume all petroleum molecules within their reach in the following days as rain or moisture in the air stimulates them. You can observe the removal of your unsightly oil stains day by day.

Utilizing the earth’s organic processes to remove and break down pollutants is a technique used by TERMINATOR-HSD Concrete Cleaner. The once-harmful petroleum molecules are converted into the environmentally benign gases carbon dioxide (CO₂) and water (H₂O) while the hungry bacteria work their magic.

The EPA prefers bioremediation over pressure washing, chemicals, or detergents as a technique for removing oil and gas spills from concrete.

Concrete floors don’t require much upkeep as such. Your flooring should remain immaculate and clean for a very long time as long as you know how to remove various stains.

In case, you are finding difficulties in removing stains from your floor in a DIY way then you must contact the specialists, who can help and suggest you the right methods and cleaners for the type of stains that you may be having on your concrete surfaces.